Abdullah Miniawy is 26 years old, Egyptian artist mainly known as
a writer, chanter & an actor who performed around the world shoulder to shoulder with great names notably headed by Erik Truffaz, and also performed in many prestigious festivals such as [festival d’Avignon E72].

His album Darraje with the Münich based trio Carl-Gari was selected by the prestigious NPR as one of best album of 2016. His vital projects are currently a mark in evoking a new theory in musicology.

Current projects : Le Cri du Caire, a contemporary jazz trio based in Paris, France, with Carl-Gari, a trio based in Munich, Germany, Abdullah Miniawy & HVAD , Abdullah Miniawy & Simo Cell.

In cinema : Miniawy composed many sound tracks for different films headed by cabaret crusade III by Wael Shawki, also sound tracks for short films , dance pieces & theater. 


Recently he Performed/acted the main character in the Tunisian film Tlamess directed by Alaa dine Slim which was premiered for the first time in Cannes film festival E72.

The artist philosophical lyrics were sprayed over different outskirts during the Egyptian revolution in 2011, as well as many different regions around the world, notably headed by Yarmouk, Camp in Syria.

“I intended to stop making music during a walk in Alexandria 2013, but the screams out of an armored vehicle singing my lyrics made me change my mind.”